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So as some of you may know I lost my career job after 40 years as licensed practical nurse.  My hospital decided it no longer needed LPN's in its facility so I was laid-off and subsequently terminated. 

Since that time I have continued my travels and spent more time "gone" than at "home." (Whereever home may be!)

I recently found a new "job." Though this job is certainly not work. I took a volunteer position with the Florida Aquarium as a Florida Aquarium Representative at the TECO Manatee Visitor Center. I "work" at Cownose Cove, a Ray touch tank. 

I love my rays and horseshoe crabs. I also love having the opportunity to see the expression on people's faces when they get to touch or rays.  It also gives me the opportunity to educate people on the importance of the rays in our aquatic ecosystem. As a scuba diver and a lover of marine life this is a dream "job."

I am not sure who said it first but "when one door closes another door opens. "

<![CDATA[Quite the Year]]>Sat, 31 Dec 2016 12:43:01 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/quite-the-yearSo much has happened this year where do I begin? 

2016 was the first full year without my mom, that my friends is a major life style change. You can never replace your parents, cherish them while you can. 

I also lost my job, after 40 years my life as a nurse ended.  Well not really ended, I will always be a nurse I could just no longer work in a hospital setting. Life style change again. My husband retired in 2016, more changes. And on a lesser note but still add none the less, I lost 2 of my grand cats. 

On a positive note I visited 3 new countries, Bermuda, Germany and Iceland. All 3 were amazing. I also went on 5 cruises, and 3 out of the 5 we had traveling companions which was really nice. 

Since we are both unemployed my husband and I have basically become somewhat of vagabonds, having trouble identifying where is home. 

It has been quite a year, wonder what 2017 will bring?

Happy New Year all, may your year be fillEd with wonders and adventures. 

PSP. I will try to find time to check in more often!]]>
<![CDATA[Laboring or Not]]>Mon, 05 Sep 2016 14:36:50 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/september-05th-2016
As I spend the morning signing up for unemployment I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that are “laboring” today on this Labor Day. Never did I think that my job as an LPN would be “no longer needed” in a hospital!

So after 40 years as a nurse I was put out to pasture. So along with everyone out there enjoying their picnics, long holiday weekends and family gatherings I would like to thank our fire and police offices, our healthcare providers, retail employees, and our military. They are working as we play, please remember to take a moment and thank them.

And for the record I told Jobs and Family Services I was available to work as a Group Travel Guide!
<![CDATA[Happy Birthday to Me]]>Mon, 29 Aug 2016 13:46:57 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/happy-birthday-to-me
And I need to remember....
And if you think about it...
And I am all about FREE trips!!!

​Enjoy your day!
<![CDATA[Are You Ready?]]>Mon, 15 Aug 2016 20:43:18 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/are-you-ready5661516So I am pretty sure there is something behind this global warming therapy. The mid-west United States had a relatively warm and dry winter 2016. Now it is being followed by the currently hot and dry summer. My area is in moderate drought conditions, not quite record breaking yet. My yard is so brown and dry it looks like it might be part of the Serengeti Plains!

However there are other areas that are having record breaking and extremely dangerous flooding. This was after areas had record breaking snowfall levels.

Does anyone see a pattern here? The common phrase seems to be record breaking. If there are so many record breaking areas what is the cause? Is it a change in our global environment?

​I believe that we need to start thinking of Mother Nature a bit more conservatively. However in the mean time I think everyone had better have an emergency action plan in place.
<![CDATA[Gone´╗┐]]>Mon, 25 Jul 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/goneSo it seems as if I have been gone forever, and maybe I have been gone more than usual. Since my husband retired on March 31 we are taking advantage of the time to "get up and go".

We have been away from our "legal address" for about about 85 days of the past 4 months. 

We have been on 2 cruises, been to 5 countries and have been to Florida 3 times.

Blogging has been an issue. I am frequently without free WiFi and I can't seem to wrap my mind around paying for an option that is so often free. If I need to pay for WiFi I have less money to travel!!

So I am still here (more or less) but I am busy living life so I have less connectivity. 

Don't give up on me...
                I am still around....somewhere!
<![CDATA[Hurricane Season 2016]]>Mon, 06 Jun 2016 23:51:31 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/hurricane-season-2016We have just begun the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane season and I have already driven through the outer bands of Tropical Storm Bonnie while in North Carolina. And of course since I reached Florida I now get to enjoy Tropical Storm Colin!

Are they just trying to make me have fizzy hair and webbed feet? Do they want to make me take more Vitamin D supplements? I thought I was over the winter cabin fever when I left Ohio. Now I have cabin fever again!

As Winnie-the-Pooh would say "Oh Bother."
<![CDATA[So Where in the World is Marsha?]]>Mon, 16 May 2016 14:43:55 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/so-where-in-the-world-is-marsha
So where in the world is Marsha? Well now I am back home in Ohio but the question is where have I been in the past 6 weeks?
I started out with a sunny 10 visit in Florida. It was followed by a quick 3 day visit at my legal address in Ohio. Then the fun really began.
My husband and I flew off to Texas via Tennessee and Florida to catch a 21 day trans-Atlantic cruise flooded by some additional days of exploration.
Our first surprise after the unexpected stop in Florida enroute to Texas was our 2 star motel. It was greatly underrated. It was convenient to the airport, has fast free wifi and a yummy included breakfast, not to mention our room was suite size!
Our trip to the ship the following day was uneventful but check-in was surprisingly quick and efficient. Our first of many delays then started. Due to a huge winter storm many passengers were late arriving to the ship so our departure was delayed. That caused us to miss our window of opportunity to cast off before the storm so we were stuck in Houston for the night. The following morning heavy fog continued our time tied up at the pier. We departed 22 hours late.
We were then on our way back to Florida where we encountered another delayed departure. After a new satellite was installed and new passengers boarded they put divers in the water to fix a stern thruster. Oh and I forgot the  two ambulances that also were present; one to remove a body and one for an injured crew member. (We had also lost a person during our 22 hour delay!)
We did finally depart Florida and cruised off to Bermuda. We had a few eventful days.
About the time we were to pass by the Azores we were informed a helicopter would be coming in to airlift off a person, another injured crew member. The Portuguese military copter and escort plane met us 200 miles off of the Azores. That was a sight to see, later we learn the crew member was stable and doing well in Portugal.
Next stop was Liverpool Great Britain. Other than the extreme cold the port stop seemed normal.
Our next scheduled stop was Holyhead Wales but that was canceled to to rough seas and gale force wind, Onward to Hamburg Germany we cruised.
We arrived in Germany 12 hours early, had a beautiful expected daytime sail in and overnighted there. Our excursion to Berlin was amazing.
Our departure was again delayed...the local pilot said the tides were too low. Somehow I think they should have and could have calculated that in advance! Whatever! Sometime during the night we left Germany and headed off to Le Havre France.
The evening before our expected arrival we were informed... Guess what... We would be delayed arriving in France! In spite of this announcement we arrived early!!
Our private tour to Mont St. Michel was spectacular! I highly recommend it.
Our arrival and final destination into Southampton Great Britain was smooth, timely and uneventful.
We spent three days touring southern Great Britain and London. The queen was at Windsor Castle while we were there and then we saw her chopper fly to Buckingham Palace while we were in London. And no we did not see her in either place.
Next up was a flight off to Iceland, but that was after a 1:40 am fire alarm at our motel on the day of departure. Seven flights of stairs is not what I like to do at that time of morning! Glad we were able to get into the loading dock since it was raining! No damage, just damn smokers.
We were then off to unique Iceland, The island of fire and ice. It was a magnificent three days but I don't know how to describe it to anyone that has never been there. Three days wasn't nearly enough and I do hope to go back.
But for now we're in the world is Marsha she is home at her legal address... At least for a couple weeks!! 
<![CDATA[Blast From the Past: Less Really Means More]]>Mon, 28 Mar 2016 13:29:04 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/blast-from-the-past-less-really-means-more1As I again prepare for an amazing adventure this comes back into the forethought of my mind.
Less Really Means More

I have always packed what I consider light, a duffle and daypack, carry-on only. It is not because of airline fees but mainly just my choice. It seems like before when I did check luggage it never arrived at my destination with me. But in today’s market, with ever increasing and changing fees, it has become a way of life for most travelers, one carry-on and one personal item.

Many people have asked me “how do you do it?” or “I need to learn to pack like you.” It does take some practice but for me it is just easier to travel light.  It doesn’t matter if it is one week or a month, one rule I follow is … if the item can’t be used for multiple purposes it doesn’t go.

 “You’ll never meet a traveler who, after five trips, brags: Every year I pack heavier.” ~ Rick Steves

There are dozens of websites and hundreds of articles that have tips and advice on “how to pack light” but it is just makes sense. Carrying LESS luggage means MORE freedom and LESS stress. There is no waiting at baggage claim so you are on your way out of the airport sooner with MORE time to explore. And with LESS luggage there is also LESS worry about keeping track of all of your bags as you move about.

Financially having LESS baggage gives you the option to share a taxi with others instead of filling the cab with your luggage which means MORE money. Or when using a rental car you are able to rent a smaller more cost effective vehicle. Traveling carry-on only there is no need to pay for porters or bell hops.

Physically speaking light luggage is much easier to carry or maneuver through airports, buses, hotels and airplanes. Did you ever try to drag a bag or two up several flights of stairs when the elevator was broken and the bell hops were nowhere to be found? 

So before your next trip assess what you really need to pack, you just may find you are able to live with LESS… at least temporarily!

<![CDATA[We are Nothing More or Less Than a Rainbow]]>Mon, 29 Feb 2016 15:47:16 GMThttp://ofmyheart.net/marshas-monday-blog/we-are-nothing-more-or-less-than-a-rainbow
Last night the Oscars were on TV. Why is it for all of these years I thought the Oscars were about acting and movies? This year it seems the Oscars were about race?
Time and time again questions were asked about whether a person was white or black. It was not a question about how good a person's acting or ability was. Nor was there a question or comment about whether a person was Native American, Native Australian, Asian, Latino or any other race!
When we have other competitions and awards such as the Olympics do we ask if an ice skater is black, white or Asian? If you hear a song on the radio and you like it do you ask what race the artist is? 
Everyone knows that I love to travel. When I decide to travel to another country I do not decide where to travel by the color of the people that live there. I travel there because I believe I will like it.
We are always going to have our own likes and dislikes that's what makes us unique but
to unite our world we need to start thinking of everyone as people not as colors of people. Our world like a rainbow takes all colors to make it complete.